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  • Street Photography

Street Photography

What is street photography? The essence of the street photography genre is to capture pieces of reality and moments of daily life without being invasive. My favourite place to be is on the street with my Leica M8, observing what is going on around me as I walk. My favourite sensation is when I intuit that something might be about to happen and then it actually does happen in front of me, whereupon I raise my camera, capture the moment, and keep walking. It is a sensation that is hard to put into words.

Entering the lives of people, glimpsing the intimacy of the "moment", and perceiving the beauty in the everyday – these are the rewards of my photography. In a certain sense, my thirst for capturing the fleeting moment has deeper anthropological than photographic roots. The street photographer generally follows one of two strategies: either he chooses a place, and waits; or else he photographs instinctively while in movement. I follow the second strategy. A woman on a bicycle flies past me at speed: I just know she is about to turn her head and glance back. I am not psychic; it is sheer instinct. It is an instinct that I must cultivate and keep well honed as I pursue my photography and study the portfolios of the great masters.

Clearly, my predictive instinct is sometimes off, but I usually “guess” when a particular moment is about to occur. I travel around with just one camera and a single lens (28mm or 35mm), because a single moment cannot be captured in two shots: it takes a single shot to capture a single moment!