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About me

Gaetano D'Auria

Street Photographer

About me

Gaetano D'Auria, who started out his career as a "street" photographer, got into the world of ceremonial photography through reportage.

As a street photographer, he has travelled around the world to capture day-to-day life in the cities he visits. His passion to reveal truth and reality has translated, in his wedding photography, into a commitment to tell the story as it is. He follows a very sober and linear stylistic code, and therefore takes a similarly quiet and non-invasive approach to the ceremony he is covering. He unfolds the story he is telling through a series of spontaneous images that capture and immortalize details, emotions, smiles, hugs and even tears. The customers of Gaetano D'Auria Studio are Italian couples or else foreign couples who have chosen to marry in Italy. Gaetano often works beyond regional borders, and specializes in "destination weddings" abroad, including in Lille (Fr), Zurich (Ch) and Galway (Irl).

Not only a photographer, Gaetano is also a filmmaker whose productions are perfectly attuned to his photographic style. He adopts the methodology of reportage in his work, and authors many of his videos so that they more resemble short films than traditional wedding videos. Three years ago, he founded CircuMatic FILM, a freelance team of film-makers and video producers. Operating in perfect harmony with Gaetano D'Auria’s interpretative approach to wedding photography, CircusMatic FILM is a vital part of the Studio.

In addition to weddings, Gaetano D’Auria produces music, editorial and commercial videos.